Bring the warmth of the holidays into your home by taking care of your Christmas tree. Here are some valuable care tips to keep your tree merry this holiday season.

  • Immediate Hydration: Upon bringing your tree home, place it in water as soon as possible. This helps the tree stay hydrated and vibrant.
  • Keep It Cool: Position your tree away from heat sources like direct sunlight and heating vents. A cooler environment prolongs its freshness.
  • Mosquito Prevention: To deter mosquito breeding, add anti-mosquito granules to the water in the tree stand.
  • Daily Water Check: Check the tree stand daily to ensure the water level remains above the base of the tree. Consistent hydration is key.
  • Deco Maintenance: Examine your Christmas lights and cords for broken bulbs and frayed wiring. Replace any damaged components to maintain safety.
  • Choose Low-Heat Lights: Opt for low-heat-producing lights, such as miniature lights, to help delay the drying of the tree.
  • Safety: Avoid overloading the electric circuits when decorating the tree to prevent electrical hazards. Before leaving the house or heading to bed, always remember to turn off the Christmas tree lights. Safety is a holiday essential.


By following these care tips, your Christmas tree will radiate the holiday spirit, filling your home with joy and festive charm.