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People born in the year of the Rat are in favour of a flourishing career and fortune. This is the year for you to seize any opportunities that comes your way. Stay open and take any chance to learn new skill and knowledge. However, do not neglect your health and ensure there is sufficient rest and exercise. There is high chances of new love blossoming this year and couples will be able to overcome challenges in their relationships, bringing the relationship to new heights.




Lucky Colours:

 Brown, Blue and Green



Recommended plants for Rat:

Good luck Bamboo 富贵竹 & Zamioculcas 金钱树



People born in the year of the Ox will encounter the destruction of Tai Sui. Indicating that there will be some obstacles in the financial and career aspect. Make sure to focus on your goals and opportunities will come your way. Health should also be prioritised during this stressful period. It is important for you to get sufficient rest and manage stress.

The luck for love and relationship other hand is highly favourable. Singles have a high chance of finding love and those in a relationship will build stronger bonds.



Lucky Colours:

Gold, Green, White
金、绿 、白


Recommended plants for Ox: 

Golden Nuggets 金福春祥 & Lucky Bamboo 富贵竹


People born in the year of the Tiger will be faced with challenges throughout the year. You may find yourself in difficult situations frequently and it is advised for you to stay calm and composed when dealing with these problems. However, there will be a chance for you to display your skills and receive better career opportunities in 2024. It is also the year for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay active.

While the love luck for singles will fluorish, those in relationships may face misunderstanding and conflict from miscomunication. Spending quality time and working on effective communication is the key to building a stronger relationship with your partner.





Lucky Colours:

Orange, Black, Blue
橙、黑 、蓝


Recommended plants for Tiger:

Four Season Lime 四季桔 & Mandrain Orange 朱砂桔


People born in the year of the Rabbit will experience fluctuating luck due to the harming of Tai Sui. However, you will find opportunities amidst of the challenges and enjoy good health. Remember to stay firm; continue to work hard towards your goal and you will be able to overcome those obstacles.

The love luck of rabbit is low and singles are likely to take some time to find their soulmate. Avoid rushing into relationships and take the effort to communicate with your partner.




Lucky Colours:

Brown, Pink, Purple
褐、粉色 、紫


Recommended plants for Rabbit:

Pink Phalaenopsis 粉色蝴蝶兰 & Peach Blossom 桃花


People born in the year of the Dragon may find it a tough ride in 2024. Clashing with Tai Sui, your luck may be turbulent throughout the year. However, despite the adversity there will be new adventures, and opportunities. Stay positive and accept these new challenges to achieve great success. Health should also be prioritised this year. Exercise regularly and take suffcient rest to maintain a good health.

There is a high chance of new love blossoming this year, where there will be opportunities to forge new connections with exciting romantic possibilities. Those in a relationship would find bountiful opportunities to nurture and strengthen the bond.




Lucky Colours:

Gold, Silver, Yellow

金 、银、黄


Recommended plants for Dragon:

Four Season Lime 四季桔 & Mandrain Orange 朱砂桔



People born in the year of the Snake will find 2024 to be filled with new growth and positive transformations. While this may be exciting for some, it can be overwhelming and you may face some challenges admids of the changes. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and you may find great rewards! The busy year ahead may take a toll on your overall heath. Prioritise self-care and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Relationship on the other hand may face some hurdles. Singles may find it hard to find true love and those in a relationship may feel distant. Try to strike a balance between your personal and work life, and spend more quality time with your loved ones.




Lucky Colours:

Black, Yellow, Green
黑 、黄、录


Recommended plants for Snake:

Yellow Cymbidium 黄色大花蕙兰 & Good Luck Bamboo 富贵竹


People born in the year of the Horse will experience volatility in 2024. The presence of hurdles may stop you from progressing in your career and relationships. It is advice for you to stay vigilant in eleminating potential issues that may come your way. Despite these hurdles, there will financial stability and career opportunities. Be sure to prioritise health by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Love life will be challenging and couples should avoid indecisiveness in relationships.




Lucky Colours:

Red, Green, Orange


Recommended plants for Horse:

Four Season Lime 四季桔 & Ilex Verticillata 北美冬青


People born in the year of the Goat will re-discover themselves and make significant transformation. It can be a new career path, hobby or life experience. Competitions and pressure may arise in the workplace, making it important to stay flexible. Health should be prioritised.

There will be relationship opportunities for the singles. For those in relationship, there will be opportunities to forge stronger connection and explore new ways to express love.




Lucky Colours:

Purple, White, Red


Recommended plants for Goat:

Red Pussy Willow 红色银柳 & White Phalaenopsis 白色蝴蝶兰



2024 will be a smooth sailing year for people born in the year of the Monkey. There will be opportunities for you to make remarkable achievements in your career. Seize those opportunities to take on the roles to allow you to showcase those skills. Caring for your health is equally important for you to enjoy the year fully. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

2024 will also be a good year for love. Singles may meet their potential soulmate and those in a relationship would find growth and deepening bonds.



对于情感方面,运势明朗。单身者会遇到潜在的灵魂伴侣。 已婚者,则会与伴侣促进更深厚感情。


Lucky Colours:

Blue, Yellow, Pink


Recommended plants for Monkey:

Yellow Cymbidium 黄色大花蕙兰 & Peach Blossom 桃花



People born in the year of the Rooster will enjoy a year of good luck in career and finances. There will an abundent of opportunities ahead, including prospective promotions and salary increment. Overall, this year holds a favourable development for your career path. There is a need to prioritise health despite the busy schedule. Ensure sufficent rest and consume nutritious food to maintain good health.

New love may blossom this year for the singles, but remember to not rush. Couples have to be cautious of disputes and should open about your thoughts to avoid misunderstandings.




Lucky Colours:

Brown, Gold, Red


Recommended plants for Rooster:

Golden Nuggets 金福春祥 & Red Pussy Willow 红色银柳


2024 will be a challenging year for people born in the year of the Dog. Conflicting with Tai Sui, there will not be much luck in most aspects. Despite the challenges, remain positive and focus on the goals set. Stay optimistic and open to learning may help you to discover your potential. Health should be a prioritised and you should adopt a healthy lifestyle by monitoring your diet and ensuring proper nutrition is consumed.

While there may be opportunities for love, be more aware in meeting potential partners. Those with partners will face disagreements, making it crucial to remain patient and seek comprimise.

2024年对于属狗的朋友来说将是一个充满挑战的一年。由于与太岁相冲,运程会比较差。尽管面临挑战,应该保持积极,专注于达成目标。保持乐观, 积极的心态会助于你发现自己的潜力。健康也不可忽略,建议通过饮食并确保摄取适当的营养。



Lucky Colours:

Black, White, Pink


Recommended plants for Dog:

White/ Pink Phalaenopsis 白/ 粉色蝴蝶兰,Azalea 杜鹃花 & Hydrangea 绣球花


People born in the year of the Pig are in favour of a fluorishing and joyful year ahead. There will be an abundent of opportunities to advance your career and your efforts will be rewarded. While eveything looks rosy, health should also be prioritised. Stay mindful of your health by maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Possible love relationship for singles. Those in a relationship will need to focus on deepening emotional connections.



Lucky Colours:

Brown, Purple, Orange


Recommended plants for Pig:

Four Season Lime 四季桔 & Mandrain Orange 朱砂桔