(Photo: Pexels/ cottonbro)

The benefits of plants are beyond just beautifying your home. You may not realise it but tending to your plants can also contribute to your well-being. Here are 4 reasons why plant care is also self-care!
1. Helps you slow down
Many plant parents experience calmness when they get lost in the moments of caring for their plants. There’s joy in watching your plants grow and when you are caring for your plants, your mind is focused on a certain task at hand. The concentration pulls you away from other distractions, relieving you from any negative thoughts and feelings at the moment. Therefore, cultivating a gardening routine at home can become a meditative practice! Studies have also shown that bringing the great outdoors in with plants can also help to reduce tension and stress. This is why many people find gardening therapeutic and a great stress reliever.
2. Brings you happiness
Nothing beats the feeling of contentment and happiness when you see a new leaf unfurling, flowers blooming, or harvesting your own produce. The sense of accomplishment you get knowing that your plant babies are thriving under your care is absolutely rewarding for your mental health and confidence!
3. Teaching you to be kind to yourselves
However, your plants might not thrive all the time – maybe they do not have the right conditions to grow in, or you accidentally overwatered them. Do not fret and beat yourselves up! With some adjustments, most plants will start flourishing again. This is an important lesson that we can all learn from our plants. Things do not always go our way in life and that is alright. Be kind to yourselves, take your time to re-adjust and you will be thriving in no time again!
4. Keeping you healthy
Keeping plants encourages you to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. While gardening is not conventionally seen as a form of exercise, tasks like digging and raking can be a good workout session, burning up to 300 calories per hour. Studies have further shown that gardening can contribute to healthy weight and blood pressure levels, bone health, and lower the risk of dementia!

On top of getting good exercise, growing edible plants can also supply you with fresh fruits and vegetables, right in the comfort of your home. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals that are great for your health and protect you against various diseases. Having fresh produce in reach encourages you to embark on a healthier diet and grow better eating habits!

(Photo: Pexels/ cottonbro)
Getting your hands dirty can literally make your mood uplifted and the greenery in your space can boost your wellbeing! The next time you are feeling low, try immersing yourself in your plant sanctuary (even if you only have one plant!) and let your plant babies do their magic. Go on your self-care journey by surrounding yourself with nature