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Bio-Organic Plant Food For General Growth 4-4-4 (1KG)
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ITALPOLLINA (4N – 4P2O5 – 4K2O) Dried chicken manure
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ITALPOLLINA is an organic fertilizer completely natural and it is the result of a careful selection of the source organic substance (healthy certified) and coming from approved breeding farms. ITALPOLLINA is the poultry manure richest in:

• nutrients;

• humified active organic substance (without litter and with purity of 95%);

• trace elements;

• useful microorganisms. The great quantity of humified organic and active substances improves in short time the microbiological, physical (structure and water retention) and chemical (increased buffer capacity and C.S.C. of soils), avoiding losses or insolubilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and trace elements that are so precious for crops. ITALPOLLINA IS THE QUICKEST WAY TO ACTIVATE TRANSFORMATIONS Italpollina is the ideal product to restore and preserve optimal levels of the organic substances in soils, thanks to the high isohumic coefficient (K1: 0.45-0.5); this means that it is the organic fertilizer with the highest stable Humus soil intake.

Type: ITALPOLLINA (4N – 4P2O5 – 4K2O) Dried chicken manure

Raw material: Chicken manure.

Use: For general purpose.

Estimated weight: Approx. 1Kg (Prepack)


Organic nitrogen (N) 4%

Total phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 4%

Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) 4%

Magnesium oxide (MgO) 0.5%

Total trace elements (Fe, B, Mn, Zn, Mo, ...) 1%

Total Organic Carbon (C) 41%

Organic matter 70.7%


Humic acids 5%

Fulvic acids 12%

Humidity 12%

pH 7

Formulation pelleted 3.5mm