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Get CNY-ready in 5 simple steps

Welcome the New Year with the excitement of celebrations but before the festive comes, be sure to prep your spaces to invite good luck throughout the year.


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Get yourself into the CNY mood

Chinese New Year might not be here yet but you can always bring in the festive vibes with music. Blast Chinese New Year songs to get into the new year mood.


CNY Cleaning

Time to Spring clean

Sweep away all ill-fortunes and negative energy to welcome good fortune and prosperity. Do take note to spring clean before the start of Chinese New Year as the Chinese believe that you might sweep away good fortune on New Year’s Day.


 Declutter mind

Declutter your mind

After spring cleaning your spaces, it is time to declutter your mind. Stop worrying and start focusing on positive thoughts. Gardening is one way you can calm your mind. Use your time to take care of your plants as a time to clear your mind.



Spruce up your spaces with “Huat” plants

Draw in luck and wealth throughout the year with a pair of Four Season Limes placed at any entrance to your home. If you are looking for a smaller plant, consider a lucky bamboo as it symbolises luck and strength. If you are looking for festive plants to brighten up your spaces, opt for flowering blossoms such as Azaleas and Chrysanthemums.


CNY Gifts

Prepare Chinese New Year Gifts

Chinese New Year is not just about splendid decorations; it is also a time for giving. Wish your loved ones abundance of wealth and prosperity with an auspicious gift that grows. Known for its graceful beauty and natural elegance, Phalaenopsis is one of the popular gifting choices during this season. For receivers who do not have time to care for a live plant, our easy-to-maintain Prosperity Trove table garden is a great option to send your wishes.