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CNY Blossoms of Abundance

"Huat" your way through the Year of the Rabbit with blossoms of abundance.

To the Chinese, it is a tradition to welcome Chinese New Year with auspicious plants and blooms as they are believed to draw in good luck and blessings. Symbolising prosperity,abundance and good fortune,colourful plants and flowers are a must-have for celebrating the New Year!

Bring forth an abundance of wealth and harmony with prosperity plants and send some blessings of fortune over to your loved ones or business partners.


* Delivery of CNY plants will commence from 5 Jan 2023 subject to arrival of shipment.

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  1. Dendrobium Orchid in MT-1495 Pot (Ø21.5cmxH17cm)

    Dendrobium Orchid in MT-1495 Pot (Ø21.5cmxH17cm)

    Item Code:Dendrobium Orchid in MT-1495 Pot (Ø21.5cmxH17cm)

16 Items results