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Scheurich 669/14 Linara Cover Pot - Wild Sea (Ø12.5cm)
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Present your orchids in stylish elegance with our orchid pot 669, made in the unique Linara style. Carefully and sustainably manufactured in Germany, this ceramic pot combines contemporary design with environmentally conscious craftsmanship, ideal for the modern plant lover.

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In stock

Inspiration delivered by nature; stone and earthy colours have a calming effect and make living spaces feel comfortable. More and more people in our highly digitalised world appreciate that and aim to create a fresh style with suitable furniture and selected accessories. Plants also play an essential part as decorative objects. For the perfect staging of such a natural ambience, Scheurich now presents Linara, a new collection of plant containers with a striking, crafted design.

These cover pots with their softly rounded shape impress with their natural surface, which is brought to life with small, circulating grooves. It gives them a hand-made pottery look and feel; the on-trend ridged structure, also seen on the inside, makes them a real treat to touch. Additionally, the impression of bright and dark grooves results in an attractive look depending on the play of light. The different versions can also be nicely combined, which ensures that Linara is the real eye-catcher! Of course Linara is a product of reliable Scheurich quality, it is “Made in Germany” and completely watertight.


Model: Scheurich 669/14 Linara Cover Pot

Type: Ceramic pot with no drainage hole

Colour: Alaska Weiss / Glass Petrol / Wild Sea / Wild Ice / Wild Jungle

Dimension (internal): Approx. Ø12cm x H13.5cm

Dimension (external): Approx. Ø12.5cm x H14cm

Scheurich is a brand “Made in Germany” – this title stands for high quality, short delivery routes (CO2 reduction), great flexibility (low credit risk) and job security.