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Phostrogen Plant Food (800g)
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An all purpose soluble feed for a healthy garden. Suitable for use on all garden plants including edible crops, fruit trees, lawns, young plants, seedlings and even houseplants. A well balanced plant food with trace elements.
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In stock

Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food's formula is ideal for delivering a healthy boost to all plants in your home and garden. From encouraging healthy root development to large vibrant blooms, Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food provides your plants with a host of benefits that bring out their very best. Simply dissolved in water and suitable for use on edibles and lawns, as well as traditional ornamentals and houseplants.


  • Provides a convenient all-purpose boost to all indoor and outdoor plants, promoting healthier green foliage, vibrant flowers, and bigger, better fruit.
  • Phostrogen's formula improves your plants draught resistance and encourages the development of a strong and healthy root system.
  • Ideal for supporting healthy seedling and lawn growth.
  • Can be used on edible crops, fruit trees, lawns, young plants, seedlings and even houseplants.


Composition: NPK 16-10-24

Target(s): All Plants

Application method: Drench

Advice on application:

  1. Measure the feed into a watering can
  2. Dilute with water
  3. Generously apply solution around the roots as far out as the foliage reaches





 General garden flowers, shrubs,   trees, lawns, fruit & vegetables

 1 scoop per 4.5 litres (1 gallon)

 Every 7-14 days

 Container & young plants &   seedlings

 1/4 scoop per 4.5 litres (1 gallon)

 At every watering


 1 scoop per 4.5 litres (1 gallon)

 Every 7 days after first   flowers have set


 3 pinches per 1 litre

 At every watering

How Phostrogen works:

  • Nitrogen promotes healthy green foliage.
  • Phosphate develops a strong and healthy root system.
  • Potash develops abundant flowers and fruit and helps plants become more drought and disease resistant.
  • Provides the essential trace elements needed by plants for health and vitality.


  • Pour any unused solution onto bare soil, not grass.
  • Any spillage of concentrate powder onto lawns or foliage should be thoroughly watered in immediately.
  • Stored under cool, dry conditions, this product will not deteriorate. If disposal is necessary reseal and throw away with household waste.

Content: 800g