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Parsley (P15c)
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The parsley plant (Petroselinum crispum) is a biennial herb that is commonly grown for culinary and decorative purposes. Parsley is an easy herb to grow and can be planted in pots or in the ground. It is a popular herb to grow in herb gardens and can also be used as a border plant or in container gardens.

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Product name: Parsley (P15c)

The Java palm, also known as the Dwarf Mountain Palm, is a small palm tree species native to Java, an island in Indonesia. It is a slow-growing plant that can reach a height of up to six feet in its natural habitat, although when grown indoors, it generally stays smaller. The Java palm has a slender trunk covered with brown, fibrous bark and is topped with a crown of long, feathery fronds that can grow up to six feet long.

The Java palm is a popular ornamental plant that is often used as a decorative accent in gardens, patios, and interiorscapes. It is prized for its graceful appearance and low-maintenance nature. The plant is also considered a symbol of strength and endurance in traditional Javanese culture and is often used in ceremonial rituals.

Pot size: Ø15cm

Plant size: Vary in sizes


Care tips:

Light: Full sunlight.

Water: Water when soil feels dry to touch.

Fertiliser: Feed with slow release pellets or liquid fertiliser once a month.

Difficulty: Beginner


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