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Hozelock 7010 Univeral Dripper 13mm (5s)
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Easy to install Universal Dripper ideal for watering borders, hedges and vegetables patches.
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Easy to install Universal Dripper ideal for watering borders, hedges and vegetables patches.

Key Benefits Include:
• The cleverly engineered design allows for a safe and smooth piercing of the hose for an easy, water tight installation
• Supplied with an innovative ground peg for easy positioning and angle selection from 0 to 90 degrees
• Easily move and re-position drippers as your garden changes

Hozelock Easy Drip

With its unique and exclusive design, the Universal Dripper makes setting up Automatic Watering in your garden easy.

Easy to Install: The clever latch and needle design ensures an easy water tight connection to 13mm supply hoses, without the need to cut the hose.

Easy to Move: The Universal Dripper is easy to move giving you complete freedom to change the layout of your system as your garden evolves. Simply remove the dripper and re-fit it in its new location, then use a Sealing Clip to seal the hole left behind.

Hozelock 7010

Easy to Adjust: The textured dripper head provides a comfortable grip to regulate water flow from 0 to 40 litres per hour. Simply rotate the dripper head to control the amount of water you deliver ensuring your plants get all the water they need.

Compatible: Clever design ensures that the Easy Drip range can be used to expand your current set-up or create a new system from scratch. So whether you have an existing Hozelock or 3rd party system, you can still enjoy the benefits that Easy Drip has to offer.

Hozelock 7010

Extendable: Replacing the dripper head with the ingenious Adaptor Nut (sold separately) allows you to easily connect 4mm hose into the Universal Dripper, perfect for discreetly watering up to 5 pots or containers.

Easy to Position: The innovative ground Peg holds the hose and dripper securely in place, whilst allowing the dripper to be positioned through a selection of angles from 0 to 90 degrees, making targeted watering easy to set up and adapt.

Hozelock 7010

Peace of Mind: The integrated lock button prevents accidental engagement of the needle whilst the latch is held shut, ensuring a safe and secure connection.

Hozelock 7010

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