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Bio-Organic Plant Food For Root Growth 6-15-3 (500gm)
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GUANITO (6N – 15P2O5 – 3K2O) - Organic fertilizer NPK + 10 Ca - 2 Mg
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Italpollina Guanito

GUANITO is the organic fertilizer studied to supply a high quantity of organic nitrogen and phosphorus 100% assimilable. No other product has the same features as GUANITO. The precious and exclusive row-material used (guano) is the result of a careful selection, which guarantees a low salinity (6.5) and the elements are released for the average duration of the crop cycle. GUANITO avoids nutritive imbalances! The high fertilizing effectiveness is increased by intake of active growth factors as humic acids, vitamines, amino acids and auxines and cytokinins integrated in formulation with the natural phytostimulant AUXYM. PLUS: ORGANIC PHOSPHORUS Since the phosphorus of GUANITO is organic it is not subjected to insolubilization processes and remains during months completely available for crops. The action of 1 Kg of phosphorus of GUANITO corresponds to 3 Kg of mineral phosphorus or organic-mixed. The mineral phosphorus is more delicate in comparison to mineral nitrogen and potassium because a slight oscillation of the soil’s pH is enough to make it insoluble thus it cannot be assimilated by plants. The organic form is the only that remains available during growth.

Type: GUANITO (6N – 15P2O5 – 3K2O) - Organic fertilizer NPK + 10 Ca - 2 Mg

Raw material: Guano, poultry manure, feather meal, kieserite and stillage.

Use: For root growth.

Estimated weight: Approx. 500gm (Prepack)


Organic nitrogen (N) 6%

Total phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 15%

Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) 3%

Magnesium oxide (MgO) 2%

Total trace elements (Fe, B, Mn, Zn, Mo, ...) 1%

Calcium oxide (CaO) 10%

Total Organic Carbon (C) 32%

Organic matter 55.2%


Humic acids 3.5%

Fulvic acids 7.5%

Humidity 7%

pH 6.5

Formulation pelleted 3mm