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Garden Tools
There's a lot of work in these tools we carry with us every time we garden. The right garden tools make any job in the garden easier, whether you're planting, re-potting, weeding, pruning or clearing leaves off your garden.

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  1. M10 Grass Shear (G413)

    M10 Grass Shear (G413)

    Item Code:0026754
  2. M10 Mini Garden Hoe

    M10 Mini Garden Hoe

    Item Code:0050071
  3. M10 Fulcrum Weeder

    M10 Fulcrum Weeder

    Item Code:0022136
  4. M10 Hoe

    M10 Hoe

    Item Code:0022135
  5. M10 Transplanter

    M10 Transplanter

    Item Code:0022126
  6. M10 Cultivator

    M10 Cultivator

    Item Code:0022133
  7. M10 Weed Cutter

    M10 Weed Cutter

    Item Code:0022134
  8. M10 Tree Pruner 3M

    M10 Tree Pruner 3M

    Item Code:0019619
  9. M10 Fruit Picker 3M

    M10 Fruit Picker 3M

    Item Code:0043358
  10. M10 Grass Shear (G414)

    M10 Grass Shear (G414)

    Item Code:0040060
  11. M10 Hedge Shear (9045)

    M10 Hedge Shear (9045)

    Item Code:0000894
  12. M10 Trowel

    M10 Trowel

    Item Code:0022125
  13. M10 Fork

    M10 Fork

    Item Code:0022130

23 Items results