The current pandemic has changed how we live, work and play. We spend more time indoors and our homes have become our sanctuary during this hard time. The longer we spend indoor, the more we desire nature. Here’s how we can bring outdoors in and live a life in green for both our mental and physical health.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

While most of us are at home, the air quality could be more polluted than ever. A study by NASA has shown that houseplant is capable of eliminating toxins in the air. Freshen up your homes by adding some greenery and boost your well-being.

Garden to Table

While people empty the supermarket shelves, skip the queues and enjoy fresh harvest any time. Not only do you get fresh produce, you will also get a sense of fulfilment when you bring that produce to your table.


Greening your workspace at home

Beat cabin fever while you work remotely by adding plants to your workspace. Known to improve motivation and productivity, having plants on your desk or shelves Is an effective way to reduce stress and improve your overall quality as you work from home.

Health & Wellbeing

By taking some time out of your work to care for your plants, help you to move around instead of sitting all day. Caring for your plants acts as a reminder to care for yourself – plants have a calming effect and act as a stress reliever while keeping us happy and mindful. When we tend to plants, we tend to ourselves too.